Don’t book a flight

Plan an experience.

Arrive at the airport at 6:45am. Drive right to the wing and board at 6:50am. Airborne by 7:00am. Flying private has distinct advantages. On Privaira that’s where the experience begins! Fly from anywhere, we have home bases from Boca Raton to Teterboro! While your bags are gently loaded onto the aircraft, you can settle back into your leather captain’s chair and relax. A selection of movies, magazines or complete silence is at your disposal for your enjoyment on the flight. What’s on the menu? We offer fine dining to takeout brought in, self-service to full-service. At Privaira it’s how you, our client, want it.

Our team of charter professionals is focused on providing you with a personalized travel solution that is tailored to your specific requirements and aircraft needs. Privaira flies in and out of over 5000 airports across North America and will get you exactly where you need to be, saving you valuable time and take away the stress that comes along with commercial air travel these days.

Since you are our only passenger, no request is too small or out of this world. Our team of professionals, on-the-ground and in-the-air will go out of their way to make it happen. No matter if pre-arranged or a last-minute change during a stop-over, we are committed to give you what you want. A better experience!


Flying Machines

Flying has been a fascination of mankind since the beginning of recorded history. Although air travel has become commonplace, the spectacular accomplishment of take-off can still raise a few goose bumps. Even for us.

At Privaira, our fleet is as diverse as your travel plans. From island-hopping turbo-props to long-range jets. The beautiful thing about flying private on Privaira is that you get to choose your aircraft, not just your seat.

Just to be safe

Fly Privaira

Air charter is a highly regulated industry. Safety is at the core of regulation. And while the regulators are important, it is the corporate responsibility of the operator to ensure your personal safety.

At Privaira our commitment to safety is to be at the heart of our corporate culture. We do things by the book, and we do not compromise on safety or regulatory compliance.

PRIVAIRA relax onboard



Flying private will give you a lot of freedom. Freedom to choose when and where to go on a moments notice with access to your own travel space in the air. Without the commitment of owning a private jet there are two ways to have access to your own private jet: You can use our on demand individual jet charter service and/or purchase time through our Privaira sky card.