Flying has been a fascination of mankind since the beginning of recorded history. Although air travel has become commonplace, the spectacular accomplishment of take-off can still raise a few goose bumps. Even for us. At Privaira, our fleet is as diverse as your travel plans.

From island-hopping turbo-props to long-range jets. You can choose the runway model that you want. We will get you there in style. For a business meeting in New York, a family vacation in the islands, we have the right solution for you. The beautiful thing about flying private on Privaira is that you get to choose your aircraft, not just your seat.

The Privaira fleet offers a range of aircraft featuring best in class performance for a variety of passenger counts and travel needsfrom island hopping turbo-props to long range transcontinental jets.

Choose from the images below to see more details about our aircrafts. You pick!