Privaira’s Turn Key Aircraft Management Solutions

As an owner, you know the unparalleled level of convenience that private air travel offers. Consolidation, route cut-backs and red-tape have made commercial aviation a nightmare. But flying private does have its challenges. Regulatory compliance, maintenance, record keeping, staffing, training... and then there’s the high-cost of sitting idle.

At Privaira, we know what you need and deliver what you want. A safe, efficient and professional customer experience that is second-to-none. Ready when you are with instant-access to charter guests when your schedule permits. Put us to work and experience the pleasure of dealing with Privaira.

PRESERVE AND PROTECT your investment

Our team of professionals is focused on preserving the value of your aviation asset. We manage your aircraft in the most cost effective manner and provide asset optimization solutions. We take over the responsibilities of maintenance planning, hiring experienced crew, regulatory compliance and generating charter cash flow so you can enjoy the real benefits of owning an aircraft.

In the complex aviation environment transparency is key. That’s why we look to align ourselves with aircraft owners and charter customers who share the same business principles and values as ourselves: respect, honesty and integrity.

Behind the scenes are the forefront of the Privaira operations

As an owner and a customer, before you take the first step to board the aircraft, there are certain things you should expect from your management company. A properly maintained, safe and compliant aircraft that is pristinely clean and piloted by a trained and experienced team is a minimum expectation. Some might say that’s a given. Make no mistake about it, aircraft management companies are not created equally. Some even fail to deliver on this most basic requirement. Privaira is extremely proud of our unblemished safety record and reputation in the marketplace. Our checklist is long and detailed. Cutting corners is not an option. Not at Privaira. We understand the enormity of the responsibility and the trust you place in us. And we work day after day to reward that trust.

Wheels up in the downtime

It’s a busy runway out there. At any given moment there are literally thousands of aircraft available to fill the demands of hundreds. So how do you, or rather we, cut-through and ensure maximum visibility? Privaira employs a sophisticated charter-request / bid-system (which is tied to charter-marketing services such as Avinode®) that automatically matches aircraft suitability, routing, return-trip demand and competitive-price modeling to allow for bid-preparation in a matter of minutes from request receipt. But like all smooth-running operations, systems are only as good as the people who run them. For this function alone, Privaira has a full-time staff of five with decades of combined aviation experience.

Capitalizing on the vast customer pipeline generated through brokers coast-to-coast is a top priority at Privaira. So too is the growth of our network of retail customers. Privaira is active in the South Florida community through participation in high-profile industry and luxury-product events, charities, exhibitions and sponsorship of one of the largest high-net-worth networking conferences held in Florida. These functions increase awareness of the Privaira brand. But it’s the customer experience that creates the word-of-mouth dynamic and that drives repeat business.

Our standards

At Privaira we meet and exceed some of the most demanding external audit requirements, including all Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) guidelines and regulations. We have implemented and passed the following standards:

  • Aviation Research Group (ARG/US) Platinum rated “Best in Class Operator” status, meeting the highest standards of internal SMS, pilot training, aircraft insurance, and maintenance practices.
  • International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) Stage II certification Proven compliance in all areas, including SMS, training programs, flight operations, aircraft maintenance, emergency response, and security.
  • Wyvern Registered Operator. Wyvern approved air charter operator, meeting or exceeding their audit standards for global flight departments.
  • All of our managed aircraft operate under Sky One Holdings LLC, FAA part 135 Air Carrier Certificate (Air Carrier Certificate: 1KSA590N).

The Privaira advantage

Privaira aircraft management includes that everything is taken care of while others help you save costs and increase asset revenue.

Here are some examples:

  • FuelWith fuel comprising the majority of operational cost, owners enjoy lower, bulk-negotiated rates.
  • TrainingPrivaira uses recognized training models including FlightSafety, CAE Simuflite, and Simcom secured at lower rates that are unavailable to single owners. Our in house training department coordinates all aspects of training from initial ground school, indoctrination, flight training coordination, and FAA examination preparation.
  • InsuranceBroadest coverage issued through an “A-rated” or better carrier, at bulk-discounted rates.
  • HiringProspective pilots go through a rigorous examination process which includes but is not limited to flight time, types of aircraft flown, background check and ethical and moral standards testing
  • Payroll & BenefitsPrivaira manages all payrolls, benefits administration and other HR related duties.
  • Maintenance TrackingEach aircraft is tracked by flight-hours and calendar maintenance intervals to ensure full safety and FAA compliance.
  • In-house MaintenanceRoutine maintenance is performed by Privaira at a significant cost-saving to owners. Large-scale maintenance is performed by select vendors with a proven track record of quality work at fair cost.
  • Aircraft BudgetingPrivaira accounting provides comprehensive budgeting tools for owners to forecast both fixed and variable cost of aircraft operation based upon specified usage.
  • Monthly Owner ReportsOwners receive a detailed monthly report comprised of actual operations performed, financials, a market update, and completed / scheduled maintenance items.
  • Dispatch TrackingPrivaira employs real-time, 24/7/365 flight tracking for the entire fleet.
  • ConciergeNo-ceiling concierge service is available to owners and charter guests including food and beverage, ground transportation, hotel services and destination excursions.
  • Aircraft Acquisition The Privaira team is able to assist with the location, inspection, and acquisition process of the right aircraft for your anticipated mission.

aircraft acquisition & sales

Understanding the mission of the aircraft, what it will be used for, and what it needs to be able to accomplish is crucial in the selection process of an aircraft for you. Privaira will help you find and purchase the right aircraft.

We guide you through the entire aircraft selection to find you the aircraft that meets your specific travel requirements, and we assist you with all the ins & outs of the purchasing process. An aircraft is a significant investment, and you want to have our experts on your side to help you make the right decision for you.

We will start with a comprehensive interview to get a better idea of your expectations and needs. We will discuss what your mission profile is, what destinations you plan to travel to, and with what frequency. We want to know how many passengers you will fly and what their luggage requirements are.

Once we have a better understanding of you needs, we will be able to select certain aircraft types that are able to accomplish your mission. Knowing what to look for we will start the process of finding the right aircraft at the right price point in the market.

With the right aircraft identified, we assist with the following to complete the transaction:

  • Perform an initial aircraft records review and inspection to identify damage history, compliance with airworthiness directives and service bulletins, status of inspections and upcoming maintenance requirements
  • Assist with the selection of a pre-purchase inspection facility and determine the scope of work
  • Manage the pre-purchase inspection with the inspection facility and the seller of the aircraft
  • Evaluate the pre-purchase inspection outcome and negotiate final sale & purchase parameters with seller
  • Assist the aviation attorneys with the completion of the sale & purchase agreement and other required documentation to successfully complete the purchase process

We will also discuss with you the option to charter the aircraft to offset some of the fixed cost of ownership, which will bring down the cost of your own flying.

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