Incredible landscapes
Discover Venezuela

Venezuela is the land of natural beauty: Andean Peaks, Caribbean coastline, idyllic islands, grasslands with wildlife, Orinoco Delta and the world's highest waterfall, Angel Falls. This South American nation is a country of extraordinary diversity. Some of Venezuela’s attractions lie beyond the capital city, hidden away in national parks and reserves that cover an impressive 40% of the country.

Inspiring cities
Next to natural beauty Venezuela has also inspiring cities to offer:

  • Caracas: the political and cultural capital of Venezuela. A hectic metropolis with a lot of electrifying business traffic. Caracas is a hotspot of hillside favelas, historic colonial buildings and glistening skyscrapers. Caracas has also a fine collection of museums, galleries and must-see monuments.
  • Mérida: the adventure-sports capital of Venezuela with a spectacular mountain view. This city is well known for its unhurried, friendly and cultured atmosphere. Active visitors can enjoy the outdoors by hiking, canyoning, rafting, mountain biking and paragliding.
  • Maracaibo: the city known for oil business. Some two-thirds of the national oil output comes from beneath the Lago de Maracaibo. A metropolis with a covering landscape of vast suburbs.

Something for everyone
The South American country of Venzuela fits into more than just one category of travel destinations. If you are looking for a backpacking adventure or a relaxing beach, you will find more than one reason to visit Venzuela.

Travel tips

  • Canaima National Park: home to Angel falls, the world’s largest waterfall. A spectacular 3,212-foot waterfall.
  • Beaches: the beaches on Venezuela's Caribbean coast enjoy a hot, dry and tropical climate, and there are plenty of spots in the sand to choose from. The clear waters of the Caribbean lap onto Venezuela’s stunning coastline, offer opportunities for reef diving and an amazing underwater experience.
  • Andes mountain: the Andes mountain range runs through Venezuela, giving hikers and other adventure seekers a chance to see the spectacular spines of the Sierra Nevada, Sierra de Santo Domingo and the Sierra de La Culata, which rises over 16,400 feet.


Although Venezuela lies within the tropics, its local climates vary with altitude from hot and humid lowlands to cool highlands. Temperatures in Caracas average 69° F (21° C) and vary little from season to season; about 32 inches (81 centimeters) of rain falls there each year, mainly from April to December. The best time to visit Venzuela is during the dry season that runs through December to April.

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