Who we are


Privaira is a private aviation company focused on distinctive individuals and companies who fly private.
We provide air charter on our own fleet of aircraft and we manage the aviation assets for our owners.
That’s what we stand for. Who we are is what makes us different.

Our people are talented, dedicated, experienced professionals who come together with a common cause; delivering a safe, efficient and professional customer experience that is second-to-none. We’re passionate about aviation and personable people. We approach things from your perspective.

At Privaira we know that developing lasting relationships is reliant upon putting your interests before ours. We understand the impact of our services. Travel is personal. Everyone is different. We are here to give you the flight solution you want, and advice you need. With us you will have it your way. And you can count on Privaira.

Aircraft Management

Our team of professionals is focused on preserving the value of your aviation asset. We manage your aircraft in the most cost effective manner and provide asset optimization solutions.

Request for Quote

Privaira has made it easy to fly at a moment’s notice without upfront fees and long term commitments. Call 1.844.778.2472 or fill in the form and we will contact you with a trip itinerary and quote.

Private Jets for Sale

We guide you through the entire aircraft selection to find you the aircraft that meets your specific travel requirements, and we assist you with all the ins & outs of the purchasing process.



The Privaira fleet offers a variety of aircraft from island hopping
turbo-props to long range transcontinental jets.
You pick!

Just to be safe


Private air charter is a highly regulated industry. Safety is at the core of regulation. And while the regulators are important, it is the corporate responsibility of the operator to ensure your personal safety.

At Privaira our commitment to safety is to be at the heart of our corporate culture. We do things by the book, and we do not compromise on safety or regulatory compliance. We’re proud of our AR/GUS Platinum-rated record of safety and our IS-BAO Stage II certification.

With a flawless safety and compliance track record for more than 13 years, feel confident in selecting Privaira. After all, we’d never go anywhere without you.


Join our Team

We’re always looking for talented individuals who are passionate about aviation to add to our team.
If you have work ethic, eye for detail, and want to get things done, we like to hear from you.
On the ground or in the air. Click the button to see which positions we currently have available.