Privaira Dynamic Sky Card



With flying private jet charters, you gain the freedom to choose where you go and when. You can pick up and leave with only a moment’s notice. With a Privaira SkyCard, you have access to your own travel space on your terms.

By using Privaira’s flight service you don’t have to commit to owning a private jet. With Privaira, you can fly like an owner with our on-demand charter service. Or fly with time purchased through our SkyCard programs.

In today’s market, finding the best and safest value for your money can be a daunting task, especially in the private aviation industry where prices have been soaring to all-time highs in recent years. At Privaira, our team of seasoned professionals is here to help you navigate the market and find the best options for your private aviation needs.

Our Sky Cards are a unique offering that provides complete transparency and openness regarding the wholesale price and management fee.

Get Guaranteed Availability

with Privaira SkyCard

Privaira takes pride in guaranteeing an available private jet whenever you want to fly. We want to ensure that unforeseen circumstances, like maintenance issues or crew availability, don’t interrupt your travel plans. Privaira always has a private jet from our extensive fleet available and waiting for you.

However, when you book and pay for a specific jet with other private jet companies, they cannot guarantee the availability of your requested jet. If the jet has a crew or mechanical issue prior to departure, you may have a flight interruption or cancellation.

Get Guaranteed Flight Cost

with Privaira SkyCard

When it comes to flying by private jets, the cost is a big consideration when evaluating flight options. With the Privaira SkyCard, you get guaranteed flight pricing. As a result, you know in advance, how much your travel costs. Knowing the cost in advance makes trip budgeting more consistent and easier to plan.

When chartering a private jet, your price quote is on a trip-by-trip basis and depends on availability and market circumstances. Often, other private aircraft charter companies charge you additional and unexpected fees. These extra fees sometimes include a return flight even though you booked a one-way trip.

Get the Highest

Flight Safety Standards

Privaira considers the safety of our customers, crew, and aircraft a top priority. Because of this, we make safety an integral part of the aviation culture and use it in every aspect of Privaira’s operations. We always pride ourselves in meeting and exceeding the demanding external audit requirements including the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations and guidelines.

The following guarantee our safety standards and compliance:

  • ARG / US Platinum Certified
  • IS-BAO Stage 2 Certified
  • Wyvern Registered
  • Comprehensive Safety Management System (SMS)
  • Member of the Air Charter Safety Foundation (ASAP program)
  • Pilot Training at State-Of-The-Art Training Facility (FlightSafety)

Pricing and Advantages

of our skycard program

skycard comparison

Our sky card program


Round-trip rates

You will be charged a round trip rate based on occupied flight time only. There are no additional charges for deadheads or repositioning flights, pilot wait time, pilot expenses and overnight fees.

Round trip rates apply to fl ights that return to your point of departure with an average of at least 2 hours of fl ight time for each calendar day of the total round trip domestically and 2.5 hours for international flying.

One-way rates

You will only be charged for occupied flight time of one-way flights. There are no additional charges for empty legs before or after we have picked you up or dropped you off. One way rates apply to fl ights that do not return to your point of departure, and are at least 2 hours of flight time for each calendar day of the trip domestically and 2.5 hours internationally.

We invite you to call us for a free consultation before becoming a member and seeing all the benefits we have to offer. Please call 1.844.778.2472 or email us.

The KEY Features

Dynamic Sky Card Program

  • Completely Transparent Model: Our completely transparent model allows you to trust that you’re getting
    the best deal possible. Our team identifies the best pricing options for each trip, enabling you to make informed decisions and get the best value for your money.
  • Premium Access to our In-House Fleet: As a valued member, you will enjoy unparalleled access to our in-house fleet, granting you the unique opportunity to fly on our top safety-rated aircraft which are equipped with the latest technology and amenities at a reduced market price.
  • No Long-Term Commitments: We will provide a full refund of the remaining balance if unsatisfied with our services.
  • Expert Assistance: Privaira has the expertise and resources to assist with specialized catering, ground transportation, or any other amenities.


Card Program Tiers

We are proud to offer a diverse range of Dynamic Sky Card programs that grant new members the flexibility to initiate their membership. Our range of tier options enables members to select a reduced management fee, tailored to their specific needs. With our program, the more you deposit, the more you save on everything from private jet flights to luxury accommodations! Our introductory tier offers the option to start with a minimal deposit of $75,000, which provides access to the most competitive wholesale prices and a low management fee of 12%. For those who wish to maximize their savings while maintaining the highest level of quality and convenience, we invite you to increase your deposit up to $200,000, thereby unlocking an exclusive opportunity to receive a reduced management fee of only 8% on all luxury
travel expenses.

  • ELITE: $75,000 Deposit / 12% Management fee
  • PLATINUM: $150,000 Deposit / 10% Management fee
  • DIAMOND: $200,000 Deposit / 8% Management fee


Top-tiered Safety Rating

Privaira considers the safety of our customers, crew, and aircraft a top priority. We are a Wyvern Registered Operator and we’ve earned an Argus Platinum rating and an IS-BAO Stage 3 safety rating, which are both recognized as the toptiered certifications in the aviation industry.