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Adapted for Ground Uses

Proven Aircraft Interior Purification System

Privaira’s uses and offers a portable Ionization Purification System Distribution Unit for proactively disinfecting aircraft interiors. The unit utilizes the same tested, proven technology as ACA’s patented airborne system, which is certified for aircraft installation by FAA Supplemental Type Certification (STC). The new Ion Distribution Unit has been adapted to meet the immediate need for decontaminating aircraft interiors while on the ground. The system provides aircraft operators and service facilities a proven solution to effectively decontaminate aircraft interiors and protect the health of maintenance personnel as well as passengers and crew.

The proactive bipolar Ion Distribution system kills pathogens and purifies the air and surfaces by pushing air through the cabin and distributing ions throughout the aircraft interior. The electronically created positive and negative ions form from hydrogen and oxygen molecules in the water vapor present in the air and work as a cleaning agent to purify the air and surfaces. The technology replicates and accelerates nature’s cleaning process that successfully inactivates airborne and surface viruses.

The only aircraft decontamination system approved by both the FAA and DoD

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Aircraft Disinfection

Purification and Elimination

The unit use electricity to create charged ions from hydrogen and oxygen atoms present in water vapor. Those ions have a propensity to cluster around viruses, bacteria, mold spores, and other pathogens in the air and on surfaces, and the ions immediately kill the pathogens, according to the company. Other benefits to the patented maintenance- and chemical-free system include the elimination of any odors on board and the reduction of static electricity.

The Process

Decontamination by Ionization

To decontaminate the aircraft, the portable 110 VAC electric-powered ionization and air blower unit is placed on the floor of the cabin and activated for one to two hours, depending on the size of the aircraft. The proactive, natural purification process immediately kills surface and airborne pathogens, sterilizes mold and bacteria and removes odors. The unit uses no chemicals, produces no harmful ozone or other emissions and will not damage fabrics or carpeting. It is effective on any size aircraft.