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As an aircraft owner and a customer, before you take the first step to board the aircraft, there are certain things you should expect from your management company. A properly maintained, safe and compliant aircraft that is pristinely clean and piloted by a trained and experienced team is a minimum expectation. Some might say that’s a given. Make no mistake about it, aircraft management companies are not created equally. Some even fail to deliver on this most basic requirement. Privaira is extremely proud of our unblemished safety record and reputation in the marketplace. Our checklist is long and detailed. Cutting corners is not an option. Not at Privaira. We understand the enormity of the responsibility and the trust you place in us. And we work day after day to reward that trust.

Wheels up

in the downtime

It’s a busy runway out there. At any given moment there are literally thousands of aircraft available to fill the demands of hundreds. So how do you, or rather we, cut-through and ensure maximum visibility? Privaira employs a sophisticated charter-request / bid-system (which is tied to charter-marketing services such as Avinode®) that automatically matches aircraft suitability, routing, return-trip demand and competitive-price modeling to allow for bid-preparation in a matter of minutes from request receipt. But like all smooth-running operations, systems are only as good as the people who run them. For this function alone, Privaira has a full-time staff of five with decades of combined aviation experience.

Capitalizing on the vast customer pipeline generated through brokers coast-to-coast is a top priority at Privaira. So too is the growth of our network of retail customers. Privaira is active in the South Florida community through participation in high-profile industry and luxury-product events, charities, exhibitions and sponsorship of one of the largest high-net-worth networking conferences held in Florida. These functions increase awareness of the Privaira brand. But it’s the customer experience that creates the word-of-mouth dynamic and that drives repeat business.