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The Privaira Advantage for Aircraft Management includes that everything is taken care of while others help you save costs and increase asset revenue.


With fuel comprising the majority of operational cost, owners enjoy lower, bulk-negotiated rates.




Privaira uses recognized training models including FlightSafety, CAE Simuflite, and Simcom secured at lower rates that are unavailable to single owners. Our in house training department coordinates all aspects of training from initial ground school, indoctrination, flight training coordination, and FAA examination preparation.


Broadest coverage issued through an “A-rated” or better carrier, at bulk-discounted rates.




Prospective pilots go through a rigorous examination process which includes but is not limited to flight time, types of aircraft flown, background check and ethical and moral standards testing

Payroll & Benefits

Privaira manages all payrolls, benefits administration and other HR related duties.


Maintenance Tracking

Each aircraft is tracked by flight-hours and calendar maintenance intervals to ensure full safety and FAA compliance.

In-house Maintenance

Routine maintenance is performed by Privaira at a significant cost-saving to owners. Large-scale maintenance is performed by select vendors with a proven track record of quality work at fair cost.

Aircraft Budgeting

Privaira accounting provides comprehensive budgeting tools for owners to forecast both fixed and variable cost of aircraft operation based upon specified usage.

Monthly owners report

Owners receive a detailed monthly report comprised of actual operations performed, financials, a market update, and completed / scheduled maintenance items.

Dispatch Tracking

Privaira employs real-time, 24/7/365 flight tracking for the entire fleet.ce.


No-ceiling concierge service is available to owners and charter guests including food and beverage, ground transportation, hotel services and destination excursions.

Aircraft Acquisition

The Privaira team is able to assist with the location, inspection, and acquisition process of the right aircraft for your anticipated mission.