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Charter a Private Jet for Labor Day Weekend

With Labor Day weekend just around the corner, it’s not too late to plan that last minute getaway to close the summer of 2020. If you take the necessary precautions, assess the risks, and stay mindful of state quarantine restrictions Labor Day weekend is the perfect time for a long weekend getaway.

When chartering a private jet  you don’t have to worry about long security lines, delays, cancellations and lost luggage, a long weekend is truly a long weekend doing what you want, not stuck at an congested airport.

Our Fleet of Private Jets

Our own fleet offers a variety of aircraft. Everything from island hopping turbo-props to private jets for short business flights or long-range transcontinental jets. You can pick from a great line up of aircraft, and we are here to help you find the best match.

Private Jet Travelers’ Top Destinations for Labor Day Weekend

Napa Valley

The beautiful and culturally rich wine destination, Napa Valley California, attracts thousands of visitors to its vineyards, gourmet restaurants and luxurious accommodations. The best time to travel to Napa is when the summer crowds pass and the season starts to change. Traveling via private jet to Napa allows connoisseurs to have the luxury of landing in smaller airports closer to their destination.


Sonoma, North of San Francisco and nestled within the mountains, with its quaint cities offers more than 400 wineries and over 40 spas, rivers, redwoods groves, as well as a variety of stunning vistas. September is the perfect time to travel to this more rustic and relaxed version of Napa Valley. And wineries in Sonoma County have reopened for business. Most are by reservation only and are hosting tastings outdoors, but that shouldn’t be an issue with California’s good weather. Flying private allows travelers to avoid the traffic crowds and enjoy the relaxed pace of Sonoma. The perfect weather and changing leaves make Sonoma an ideal Labor Day destination.

Martha’s Vineyard

One of the most popular summer destinations is Martha’s Vineyard is a charming town with many local shops and unique story book cottages (only accessible by air or boat!). If you want a quick and efficient way to get to Martha’s Vineyard, flying private is the best way to go. Private jet travelers avoid the traffic and long boat rides by arriving to their destination quickly and efficiently. By flying private you can enjoy both the journey and the final destination, while simultaneously reducing the typical “travel stress” of getting there.


Labor Day Weekend is the perfect time for a quiet Aspen, Colorado getaway. As the summer afternoon thunderstorms have come to an end, private jet travelers will frequently use the long weekend to enjoy the fall foliage in progress as well as the area’s infamous food, wine and music festivals. Once this window has passed, the area begins to become crowded as the weather turns colder. Aspen goers also turn to private jet travel at this time to get to the slopes faster with the least amount of hassle.

The Hamptons

The Hamptons is one of the most popular destinations for Labor Day Weekend in the United States. Being one of the top Labor Day Weekend destinations, flying private allows you to skip the dreaded summer traffic. Flying privately allows you to land locally to bring you in quickly and safely so you can enjoy your vacation from beginning to end.

Air Charter Labor Day

Whether you’re looking for a quick, nearby getaway for the three-day weekend or you want a longer international escape this Labor Day, we’ve got you covered. Just let us know where you want to go and we’ll arrange a private charter for you. Contact us today to learn more about the various aircraft in our fleet and to receive a quote for your next vacation.

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