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Kerell Lightbourne

Kerell joined the Privaira team in 2011, and holds the position of Chief Pilot. Kerell has over 15 years of aviation experience and has over 5,000 hours of flight time. Kerell has type ratings in the Challenger 600 series, the Beechjet 400A and the Caravan. Next to his ATP Kerell has an MBA in Aviation[...]
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Dennis Rosa

Dennis joined the Privaira team in September 2013 and has over 30 years of financial experience with various size operations and industries. In his previous position Dennis was responsible for the financial leadership of a company in the onshore transport and logistics sector. Dennis holds a BBA degree from Hofstra University in New York.
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TJ Hinkle

TJ joined the Privaira team in 2009, and manages Privaira’s charter sales team and provides our customers with the highest levels of professionalism, personalized service, precise quoting and planning of charter flights.
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Brooke Hackbarth

Brooke Hackbarth joined the Privaira team in January 2018, and is responsible for the management of safety at Privaira. Brooke has over 18 years of experience in a multitude of facets within the aviation industry, and is an accomplished pilot with over 3,300 hours and holds multiple type ratings. Brooke’s international pilot experience includes flying[...]
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Salvatore A. D’Amico

Sal joined the Privaira team in August 2014, and is responsible for overseeing Flight Operations and Maintenance at Privaira. Sal brings over 25 years of experience in aviation and project management. He has held senior management positions in 121, 135 and 145 operations and was responsible for the service center of a major OEM. Prior[...]
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Ryan Levesque

Ryan joined the Privaira team in August 2015, and is responsible for aircraft acquisition and fleet development. Through an extensive background in private aviation insurance, Ryan built up his knowledge base in the business aviation sector. Prior to joining Privaira Ryan focused on client relations and aircraft acquisitions for a Part 135 operator. Ryan holds[...]
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Mark Tatum

Mark joined the Privaira team in January 2016, and is responsible for the maintenance department at Privaira. Mark brings a total of 42 years of aviation experience to Privaira. Mark started his career in aviation in the US Air Force as Crew Chief and A&P Mechanic, followed by 15 years at Bombardier’s Flight Test facility[...]
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Clemens Vanderwerf

Clemens Vanderwerf joined the Privaira team in February 2014. In his role as President and CEO, Clemens is responsible for the strategic development and growth of Privaira. Clemens focuses on the introduction of best practices to the company. Preceding his transfer to aviation, Clemens had a twelve year tenure as president with a leading international[...]
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