PRIVAIRA – A New Level of Sensitivity in Private Aviation

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PRIVAIRA – A New Level of Sensitivity in Private Aviation

Privaira challenger

Sky One Holdings, LLC (“Sky One”) annouced today that it has changed the name of its private air charter services company to PRIVAIRA. Sky One has also made several organizational changes as well as changes in its fleet in order to more closely align with customer demand.

“This is much more than a new logo and paint scheme,” said PRIVAIRA President & CEO Clemens van der Werf. “Building upon the fundamental values that have established the company as a safe and reliable air charter service, we’re bringing a new level of sensitivity to private aviation. A heightened awareness of what our customers want, not just what they need. From the basics to over-the-top pampering. Every new initiative we’ve implemented is designed to enhance the customer experience at every level – for our owners, brokerage partners and of course our flyers.”

PRIVAIRA also announced the appointments of Fred Turner, VP Operations and Sal D’Amico, VP Maintenance & Projects. Both Fred and Sal have over 25 years of experience in aviation, and have been responsible for the operations and maintenance of major 121 and 135 operations. PRIVAIRA future plans include an increased presence in the mid to large-size cabin aircraft, geographic range expansion.

For more information, visit www.privaira.com or contact PRIVAIRA at 954-776-9004, marketing@privaira.com.

More about Privaira
Privaira, headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, specializes in the on-demand air charter service, aircraft management and maintenance of private jets. Privaira operates a diversified fleet of business jets ranging from turbo-props to long-range, large cabin aircraft.