Top Ski Resorts to Escape to This Winter by Private Jet

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Top Ski Resorts to Escape to This Winter by Private Jet

It’s that time of year again! Time to hop into your favorite ski suit and spend the day at the slopes. It doesn’t matter what part of the country you’re flying in from, we’ve got you covered with a hassle-free flight so you can focus on all the details of your trip following a smooth landing! We’ve rounded up four of our top locations to jet to this winter to get your ski or snowboarding on – whatever you’re in the mood for!

Why do avid skiers/snowboarders love flying private? The perk of private jet charter travel is that you get to skip the hassles of the baggage check in and claims process. No need to arrive at the airport several hours ahead of time to check your skis and bags when flying on a private charter! We know you’re looking for comfort and relaxation and Privaira’s private jets not only give you the leg space you need to prepare to hit the slopes, but also additional space for your bags and winter gear! Additionally, you will avoid exposure to dozens of people at the airport, since there is no need to pick up your bags from baggage claim!

Flying private will give you the space and comfort you need to start your ski getaway with ease. Here are some of our favorite ski resorts that you must check out this season!

  • Vail Ski Resort 

Located near the town of Vail in Eagle County, Colorado, this resort is home to several different lodges. Whatever you’re looking for, they have the perfect lodge for you. At 5,289 acres, it is the third-largest single-mountain ski resort in the United States, also making it the largest ski area in Colorado. This ski town also offers endless dining & shopping for your moments off the slopes.

  • Breckenridge Ski Resort

Breckenridge Ski Resort is an alpine ski resort in Breckenridge, Colorado. Just west of the Continental Divide in Summit County, it is perennially one of the most visited ski resorts in the western hemisphere. Just like Vail, this resort offers all kinds of lodging depending on your preference. The Breckenridge Ski Resort is a great spot for both novice and expert skiers alike.

  • Park City Mountain Resort

Park City Mountain Resort is a ski resort located in Park City, Utah, switch is situated 32 miles east of Salt Lake City. Park City, as the ski resort and area is known, contains several training courses for the U.S. Ski Team, including slalom and giant slalom runs. Make sure to check this location out on your next ski adventure.

  • Telluride Ski Resort

Telluride Ski Resort is a ski resort located in Mountain Village, Colorado right next to the Town of Telluride. The Telluride Ski Resort is a year-round destination located in the southwest corner of Colorado.

Ski Resorts by Private Jet

Bring all your ski/snowboarding gear with you and join us onboard! We’ll make your Privaira experience extra special and unforgettable while we fly you to your preferred ski resort getaway. Click here to request a quote today and let’s get you on a flight this winter season!