Travel Essentials to Bring Aboard Your Private Flight

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Travel Essentials to Bring Aboard Your Private Flight

Having the right travel essentials to bring along with you during a trip can really make the difference in your flight experience. And one of the best parts about flying private is the flexibility to bring anything you may need aboard the flight. Flying with Privaira offers spacious room for storage and the privacy you need to enjoy your flight without any disruptions.

So when it comes to flying private, what are some of the best travel essentials that can really take your flight to the next level? Here are four of our tried and true favorites that we can’t recommend enough.

High Tech Headphones

Having a good pair of reliable headphones can be a great way to entertain yourself during a long flight. We especially love a wireless headphone experience. This makes it simple and convenient to enjoy your favorite movie, music, or podcast aboard your flight with our complimentary WiFi, available on most Privaira jets. Your jet may also include high-definition entertainment! Get in touch with your travel representative to learn more about the perks on your jet.

Travel Wallet

We’ve all experienced the hassle of traveling and not being able to find the important documents, credit cards, and ID’s you need throughout your trip. This is where having a wallet specifically designed for travel comes in. With all the extra compartments and pockets you’ll need, a travel wallet organizes everything in one place, making it easy for you to have all of the essentials at your fingertips. Another perk of flying private is not needing to wait in long TSA security lines or adhering to strict liquid restrictions. However, you’ll still need your ID to board. Simply bring your driver’s license if you’re traveling domestic or a passport if you’re traveling internationally.

Cozy Slippers

When traveling, being comfortable and cozy is key. And having a good pair of cozy travel slippers is a great way to do this. One of the best parts of flying private is having all the privacy you need. Feel free to dress as you please, knowing that you can have your own space with no one to impress. And once you arrive at your destination, simply pack your favorite backup shoes and swap them out!

Luxury Toiletries Kit

All of Privaira’s jets are equipped with lavatories for your convenience. When you are nearing your destination, it can be great to freshen up before arrival. Having a compact toiletries kit with all of the essentials you need makes it easy. And flying private gives you the flexibility to bring everything you need without strict liquid restrictions. Our travelers are able to bring shower essentials, your favorite cologne, a water bottle, medication, and anything else you may need on your trip. Pro tip: we love packing on-the-go eye masks to soothe and refresh dry skin that is so common on long flights.

Are you ready for your next flight with Privaira? We can’t wait to have you aboard one of our many jets! Have a special request for your flight to help take your experience to the next level? Get in touch with us to find out how we can accommodate to make your travel experience unlike any other.