Privaira successfully completes IS-BAO Stage II audit

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Privaira successfully completes IS-BAO Stage II audit

Privaira mechanic safety check

Florida based Privaira has successfully completed its fourth IS-BAO Stage II audit to confirm their compliance to the IBAC safety standard. The IS-BAO audit was carried out early February 2019 and auditors were impressed with the results.

The Stage II audit is aimed at verifying a strong foundation of a conformance to SMS principles and compliance to international standards. Stage II ensures that Privaira has systems in place that deliver continuously sustainable SMS and standards compliance processes. It also means that safety management activities are being appropriately targeted and safety risks are effectively managed.

A really important factor in a successful safety culture is the collection of data. Without data it is very difficult, if not impossible, to analyze safety issues and develop corrective actions. Privaira has made tremendous improvements to the safety system and especially the collection of data.

Quarterly Safety Meetings, SMS training, hazards reporting, submitting Survey Monkey’s and conducting internal audits are the foundation of the data collection and implementation of the safety program.  This data coming in from the different departments within Privaira has been a great help with the successful completion of this IS-BAO stage II audit. And it clearly demonstrated the proven adequacy and correctness of Compliance Monitoring and SMS processes implemented by Privaira.

Privaira CEO, Clemens Vanderwerf comments: “This is a great achievement for Privaira and further underlines our commitment to the highest quality and safety standards.

Besides the IS-BAO audit Stage II Privaira has also started the implementation of the ASAP program (Aviation Safety Action Program) which the FAA has approved as well. This will be of great help to the Privaira flight crews.