Which category private jet is right for you?

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Which category private jet is right for you?

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Experience a way of travel that is unique from the very first moment. With the variety of aircraft in the PRIVAIRA fleet, you choose how and when you want to travel. But how do you decide which category private jet is right for you?

Starting from Light Jets, informal classifications range up to what the industry calls Bizliners. Essentially the types of planes you might find being flown commercially by regional airlines and even Boeing 737s and Airbus A320 types. Of course, these ones don’t have hundreds of seats, but instead feature private bedrooms, showers, board tables, media rooms and plenty of legroom to spread out in leather lounge chairs.

Points to consider when chartering a private jet

Getting the right jet can impact your experience. Whether your passengers are family, friends, executive guests or business associates, each will have different personal and in-flight needs. There are many different features and amenities to be considered: entertainment systems for the kids, a full kitchen and bar and/or reliable on-board Wi-Fi for business meetings.

You need to consider how many people will be on your flight, and also how much luggage. Also, are you carrying specialty luggage such as golf clubs, skis and bikes. In addition to size, there is weight. The more people and more luggage you load on, the shorter the range. While that may not mean much if you are making a short hop, it will eliminate certain aircraft types if you want to fly nonstop coast to coast.

The travel range will not be the only important consideration. You may also need to consider the limitations of your arrival and departure airports, as smaller regional airports may only be able to accommodate jets of a certain maximum size.

Costs will vary based on, besides the size of your jet, if you are booking one-way or a roundtrip, which generally means returning within 24 hours. If you are chartering one-way, your price may be a little higher because you are also patly paying for the jet to return to its base.

Keep in mind, the bigger the jet, the bigger the cabin, and on smaller jets you will be bending down a bit, particularly if you are tall. Also, toilet facilities on smaller planes can be quite basic. While over 80 percent of private jet flights are under two hours, it’s something you may want to consider.


It’s worth looking for aviation operators that are rated by Wyvern and/or ARGUS for a little peace-of-mind during your travel. Both are independent rating systems that provide ratings of private aviation operators, including on-site audits. They allow you to make informed decisions and manage risk when picking your charter provider and aircraft.

The categories

Heavy jets are ideal for flyers traveling with large groups, those looking to fly internationally or coast to coast, or those who desire maximum comfort and luxury. These jets fly the long ranges needed for trans- or inter-continental routes and carry up to twelve people in great comfort. Cabins are walkable and spacious with amenities appreciated for multiple-hour flights such as fully enclosed lavatories, seats that fold down into beds, and a full galley.

(Super)Mid-size jets are for smaller to larger groups, or for travelers who appreciate a cost-efficient way to fly on slightly shorter routes. This jet type flies six to eight passengers at moderate speeds of 492 -530 mph. Their range, 1375-1500 miles, connecting New York to Miami. The cabins are cozy, and amenities include an enclosed lavatory, forward galley and most have cabin-accessible luggage.

Light jets suit business executives and flyers who make short city-to-city hops or people who need to travel to smaller airports with shorter runways. These light jets carry four to seven passengers, speeds of 480-540mph and have a regional range of 730-2425mi connecting locations such as Miami to Houston. The cabin in this jet has less than six feet of headroom but are still very comfortable and have the basic amenities expected for short flights—most have enclosed lavatories. An exemplary light jet, the Hawker 400 XP boasts great performance and one of the most spacious cabins in the category.

Working with Privaira

For those not ‘in the know’ about private jet travel, the process of booking a private jet can be a challenge to face alone. Although there are plenty of good websites and smartphone apps to guide you through the process, there is nothing like good service and a personal advisor from our team that comes up with the best solution for your needs.

Privaira offers business jets in all categories that fit your desired range, passengers, luggage capacity and required amenities. Together we decide which aircraft is the best one for you, so you can sit back and enjoy the ride.