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4 Private Jet Flying Tips for First-Timers

Private Jet Flying Tips for First-Timers
For first-timers, flying private is a whirlwind; you’re in an aircraft either alone or with close friends or family and you’re not forced to go through airport security. Most of us non-celebrities don’t understand what it’s like to fly private, but if you’re lucky enough, you’ll realize that there’s nothing quite like it! When you[...]
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4 Benefits of Flying Private

Business Professional Flying on Private Aircraft
Although people usually associate private jet flying as being strictly reserved for the rich, famous, and those with luxurious taste, now, with a pandemic sweeping the globe, flying private is catering more towards those who strive to stay healthy and safe while traveling to their next destination. Read on to learn about four benefits of[...]
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Private Air Travel Offers a Higher Level of COVID-19 Prevention

There are more reasons than ever before for air travelers to avoid crowded airports. A few traditional reasons like crowded airports, tight seating and traveling with strangers have moved to the top of the list. In these unfortunate times with the present health circumstance, we stand ready to meet the increased demand that the risks[...]
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Why More Women are Choosing Private Air Travel

Everyone can appreciate the convenience of travel by private aircraft versus any seat class on commercial. Private flyers avoid large crowds, TSA pat-downs, and difficult baggage restrictions, just to name a few. So it’s no wonder that an increasing number of female executives, celebrities, and cautious moms are enjoying what their male counterparts adopted years[...]
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The Benefits of Private Jet Travel for Business

The Benefits of Private Jet Travel for Business The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) did a search on the analytics of what kinds of companies utilized private jets for their travel schedules. The report actually revealed that smaller companies, defined by less than 500 employees, accounted for 70 percent of private charters in the United[...]
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Super Bowl LIV by Private Jet Charter

Super Bowl LIV, the 54th Super Bowl and the 50th modern-era National Football League (NFL) championship game will decide the league champion for the league’s 2019 and 100th season. The game is scheduled to be played on February 2, 2020 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, marking the seventh different decade for the[...]
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Why your next private jet flight might be on a turboprop

Cost-efficient, ultra-reliable and comfortable Often overlooked, Turboprops offer a genuine alternative to a light jet charter. Incorrectly perceived as old-fashioned, the turboprop is in fact a more recent invention than the jet engine, and makes for a more fuel efficient alternative on short-haul routes. Essentially a jet engine powering a propeller, the turboprop delivers power[...]
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Corporate Private Jets

Corporate private jets: the benefits Cost savings, client retention, improved productivity, and valuable time saved are among the biggest benefits of corporate private jets. For businesses of all sizes, private jet travel can provide unique advantages that help further your business goals. When business executives and their teams fly private, the biggest benefit is the[...]
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Airline or private jet pilot?

Have you ever considered which type of pilot you would like to be? In the aviation industry, there are two types of pilots among others, which are known as an airline pilot and commercial pilot. They both include flying commercially for reward, but they differ quite a bit regarding qualifications and more importantly experience. What[...]
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Buying an aircraft? How to evaluate for purchase.

Buying an aircraft signifies a substantial investment and often there is the temptation to buy more aircraft than you really need. So buying an aircraft is an important investment and the many aspects of aircraft ownership should be seriously considered before signing the final agreement. A pre-buy inspection on an aircraft is your chance to[...]
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