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Corporate Private Jets

Corporate private jets: the benefits Cost savings, client retention, improved productivity, and valuable time saved are among the biggest benefits of corporate private jets. For businesses of all sizes, private jet travel can provide unique advantages that help further your business goals. When business executives and their teams fly private, the biggest benefit is the[...]
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Airline or private jet pilot?

Have you ever considered which type of pilot you would like to be? In the aviation industry, there are two types of pilots among others, which are known as an airline pilot and commercial pilot. They both include flying commercially for reward, but they differ quite a bit regarding qualifications and more importantly experience. What[...]
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Buying an aircraft? How to evaluate for purchase.

Buying an aircraft signifies a substantial investment and often there is the temptation to buy more aircraft than you really need. So buying an aircraft is an important investment and the many aspects of aircraft ownership should be seriously considered before signing the final agreement. A pre-buy inspection on an aircraft is your chance to[...]
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Slots and EDCTs explained for private jets

Slots and EDCTs explained for private jets While one of the major benefits of private jet travel is being able to fly at short notice and at your preferred times, that you eliminate crowded terminals and long security checks. But some airports do operate a slot system for private jet take-offs and landings. In this blog[...]
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How Safe is Your Private Jet Operator?

Safety Questions To Ask Private Jet Operators While many online searches for private air charter start with ‘how much does a jet cost?’ Or something similar about pricing and hourly rate, safety – and not price – should be your primary concern. The key to find a great private aviation provider is to know their[...]
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Fractional Ownership or On-Demand Charter?

Over the past 5 years there has been a steady decline in fractional ownership programs. For one, the major tax benefits that came along with fractional ownership no longer exist. People are also just more hesitant these days to fork over such a huge up-front capital commitment on one specific type of aircraft. To help[...]
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Things To Know About Using Private Aviation

PRIVAIRA charter relax onboard
Private jet travel means no TSA security lines, no baggage check counter, no queueing up at the gate. Instead you have large, comfortable seats, private restrooms, plentiful personal space and a precisely maintained schedule. The market offers those considering flying private a diverse set of options, from on-demand charters to pre-purchasing an allotment of flight[...]
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Which category private jet is right for you?

Privaira Private Aviation Company
Experience a way of travel that is unique from the very first moment. With the variety of aircraft in the PRIVAIRA fleet, you choose how and when you want to travel. But how do you decide which category private jet is right for you? Starting from Light Jets, informal classifications range up to what the[...]
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Art Basel Miami Beach

Pictures: Courtesy Art Basel Some 268 of America’s top galleries and art museums will be showing us what they’ve got at Art Basel Miami Beach 2018. Since launching in 2002, Art Basel has become North America’s premier art fair, so expect amazing contemporary paintings, films and videos, sculptures, drawings, photography, digital art and installations from more[...]
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Pet travel by Private Jet | ‘Furs Class’ service

Treat yourself and your fur baby to the comfort and safety of Pet travel by Private Jet. Can my pet travel by private jet is one of the questions we are often asked at Privaira. The answer is a definite YES! Pet travel by Private Jet is the most secure, comfortable, and convenient way to[...]
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