Why You Should Travel on a Private Jet in 2023

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Why You Should Travel on a Private Jet in 2023

Why you should travel on a private jet in 2023

A lot of people think travel on a private jet is only reserved for celebrities or some other very wealthy persons. Which isn’t necessarily true. Flying private has expanded over the years and it is becoming more available including price and benefits.

Flying on a commercial airline has become more of a hassle than ever before. Private flights offer an alternative for those who prefer more privacy and luxury than what’s found in most major airports and airlines. Flying privately offers comfort, privacy, flexibility and convenience that you just won’t find anywhere else.

Still in doubt? Here are some reasons why you should consider to travel on a private jet in 2023.

Save Time and Travel Stress-free

Commercial flights might save you some cash, but they will cost you precious time, think security lines on crowded airports, long hours of flight time with layovers and even cancellations.

With private jets, you skip all the hassle and be in the air within 15 minutes after your arrival at the airport. And once you are in your seat, sit back and relax. No cramped spaces, no noisy fellow passengers, no middle seats, no tiny bathrooms; traveling by private jet is a stress-free experience.

Access to More Airports

Private jet charters can land at airports with shorter runways than what are available to commercial planes. In the United States alone, business airplanes can reach almost 5,000 airports; commercial airlines only reach about 500. (Source: NBAA)

So you can choose which airport you want to land for your destination rather than taking whatever airport is closest. This saves you precious travel time and allows you to land closer to where you need to be.

Even Your Pets travel ‘Furs Class’

Being able to bring your pet with you is one of the great luxuries of traveling by private jet. When flying with pets inside a private jet, you won’t have to worry about placing your pet’s care in the hands of another. Whether you prefer keeping your pet in a travel crate or want them to roam the cabin freely and playfully when allowed, your pets will be more comfortable, feel more relaxed, and suffer far less stress than commercial pet transportation.

Culinary Delights

Flying private your culinary experience can be entirely in your own hands. Pre-order meals in advance, select your favorite beverages, and take off with all your favorite snacks for a totally customized flying experience. We can even cater to your specific dietary restrictions.

Fewer Baggage Restrictions

Loosing your luggage when flying private is practically non-existent, as you are always in direct contact with your aircraft crew, and you can collect your luggage as soon as you exit the airplane.

Traveling on a private jet means also less restrictions on weight and size than when traveling commercially. Think for example oddly-sized items such as golf bags or skiing equipment without the extra fees or hassle.

Anyone looking for more comfort in the skies should at least consider traveling on a private jet during their next trip, whether that’s a romantic getaway, business trip or family holiday. PRIVAIRA will provide you with the private jet service you deserve. We challenge you to at least inquire about chartering a private jet for your future travel plans. Call or us directly at 844.778.2472 or ask for a quote here.