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Pet travel by Private Jet | ‘Furs Class’ service

Treat yourself and your fur baby to the comfort and safety of Pet travel by Private Jet.

Can my pet travel by private jet is one of the questions we are often asked at Privaira. The answer is a definite YES! Pet travel by Private Jet is the most secure, comfortable, and convenient way to travel with your dog, cat, bird, or other pets. At Privaira we know that pets are part of your family and our team will make every effort to ensure that their travel is as enjoyable and stress-free as yours.

When flying with pets inside a private jet, you won’t have to worry about placing your pet’s care in the hands of another. Whether you prefer keeping your pet in a travel crate or want them to roam the cabin freely and playfully when allowed, your pets will be more comfortable, feel more relaxed, and suffer far less stress than commercial pet transportation.

Bring your pet

Being able to bring your pet with you is one of the great luxuries of traveling by private jet. A flight can be a traumatic experience for a pet and (unlike on a commercial flight) this trauma can be reduced on a private jet by the presence of their owner. On a private jet charter, your pet(s) can travel with you, their owner, in the aircraft cabin, rather than in the hold.

As long as your furry friend does not compromise the safety of the flight, he or she will be welcomed on all Privaira private jets. Unlike commercial airlines, there are no size or breed restrictions and you can happily fly with your Great Danes, Bulldogs, Shih-Tzus or Persian cats if you so desire. In short, flying with Privaira is the best way to keep your pet happy. Your pet will look and feel like a celebrity when you both arrive at your destination.

Reasons to fly a pet friendly jet charter

There are a variety of reasons to charter a plane and fly private with your pets instead of traveling commercial. Many clients want to fly their new pets back home. Some want to bring them on their vacation. But whatever the reason is, you always have the following advantages:

  • Your pets travel without distractions from other pets and passengers
  • Choose the time and date of your flight to meet your needs
  • Depart using the airport you choose
  • Enjoy in-flight catering for both you and your pet
  • Your pet travels inside the cabin with you
  • No restrictions on breed or animal size
  • Avoid seasonal embargoes and travel with your pet year-round

Travel Tips

Bringing pets on board a private aircraft requires a small bit of planning:

  • Reduce the animal’s water intake 4 hours before boarding the plane to mitigate the chances of a mishap. Feeding pets smaller meals will also reduce the risk of vomiting or an upset stomach.
  • Be sure it gets lots of exercise on the day of the flight so that it will be less restless if not relaxed.
  • Bring along the animal’s favorite toy or blanket to help ease the stress of flying.
  • To even further reduce the stress level you can provide the crew with your pet’s favorite music to play in the cabin.

The aircraft’s owner may allow your pet to roam free during the flight. But just as people have to buckle up during takeoffs, landings, and turbulence, so do pets. You can outfit your dog or cat with a harness that connects to the aircraft’s seat belts, or you can put the animal in a carrying crate that is secured to the floor so that it doesn’t slide around the cabin.

Keep in mind

The United States Department of Agriculture, which regulates air transportation of pets within the United States, requires that to fly in a plane (commercial or private) an animal must be at least 8 weeks old, fully weaned, and in good health. Also, any pet that crosses a state border has to have a rabies immunization and a valid health certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian within 30 days of travel. Depending on your destination, you may need additional paperwork for international travel.

When Booking

When booking please specify what type of pets you are bringing and how many. That way we are sure we have the right plane for your trip and we can include it on the manifest so there is no confusion when boarding your plane.

We don’t calculate for any additional costs when your pet flies with you. But it’s important to note that any damage caused by pets (cleaning fees, repairs, etc) during a flight is billed separately.

Private jets for pets are the best way to travel. Request a quote, and we will find a pet-friendly charter plane for your next vacation or relocation.