4 Benefits of Flying Private

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4 Benefits of Flying Private

Business Professional Flying on Private Aircraft

Although people usually associate private jet flying as being strictly reserved for the rich, famous, and those with luxurious taste, now, with a pandemic sweeping the globe, flying private is catering more towards those who strive to stay healthy and safe while traveling to their next destination.

Read on to learn about four benefits of flying private.

Private Aircraft Flyers use private terminals away from the congested part of the airport.

When you’re flying private, the jets use smaller executive terminals away from the hustle and bustle. These terminals allow you to board upon arrival. This reduces unwanted contact and helps keep a safe distance between yourself and other passengers at the airport. You might also be permitted to drive directly up to the aircraft and be picked up air-side, avoiding entering the terminal at all.

Private planes can access smaller and more remote airports, which reduces travel times.

Commercial jets are usually confined to specific airline routes. Flying private means you have access to any public-use airport as long as the runway is large enough for the aircraft and there’s enough fuel to reach that destination. Smaller airports are usually more conveniently located and closer to major city centers, like Los Angeles and Toronto, but also are located in remote locations such as Telluride in Colorado and Park City in Utah, reducing overall travel times.

You get a pass for security screenings.

One of the greatest benefits of flying private is easily passing through security screenings. Having to wait in long, crowded lines barefoot on the airport floor is a thing of the past when you fly private. While some airports do require that private flyers go through security, such as Washington D.C.’s Ronald Reagan Airport, most airports are much more relaxed in terms of screening private flyers. This benefit can help reduce stress, travel time, and contact with unhygienic surfaces.

Your journey is shorter, reducing the number of touchpoints during your trip.

Ultimately, when flying private, you’ll receive a shorter, more personalized journey that respects today’s social distancing efforts. Passengers can drive right up to their aircraft from the safety of their vehicle, board the aircraft without crowds of people, fly nonstop to any global destination, and get picked up air-side. The overall amount of touchpoints is significantly reduced, allowing you to have peace-of-mind knowing that you’re staying safe and healthy while traveling.

Privaira’s Promise

At Privaira, the safety of our customers is our top priority. Not only will you have the most well-trained flight crew in the business, but you can rest assured that your aircraft has been cleaned pre-flight and post-flight according to public health guidelines and while utilizing state-of-the-art Ionization Technology, which kill everything from COVID-19 and influenza viruses, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, to mold and other pathogens.