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Things To Know About Using Private Aviation

Why you should travel on a private jet in 2023

Private jet travel means no TSA security lines, no baggage check counter, no queueing up at the gate. Instead you have large, comfortable seats, private restrooms, plentiful personal space and a precisely maintained schedule.

The market offers those considering flying private a diverse set of options, from on-demand charters to pre-purchasing an allotment of flight hours (jet cards) to owning a fraction of an aircraft (fractional). But how do you know what you need to know about using private aviation and selecting the right model?

Do your homework

As with any substantial purchase, taking the time to educate yourself and do your due diligence is critical in making the right private aviation decision. To understand your air travel requirements, you’ll also need to be informed about the benefits and limitations of private aviation. Aviation is highly regulated and involves complex logistics, whether flying commercial or private. Weather conditions, wind, mountainous terrain, passenger load and baggage load, for instance, all can impact the range and performance an aircraft can deliver. And though private aviation is much more flexible and convenient than commercial flights, understand that you’ll still be susceptible to weather or air traffic control (ATC) delays, congestion during peak periods, and mechanical issues.

Make safety a priority

Before doing business with a private aviation company, do your research to ensure that your safety will always be their top priority. Find out if they have a safety management system (SMS) and if safety is embedded in the culture, mindset, and ethos of the company. Learn about the company’s safety rating.

A big misconception in this industry is that the age of the airplane determines the safety of the airplane. The age of an airplane has nothing to do with safety. Safety of an airplane starts and ends with the company managing it.

Find a trusted advisor

An advisor who gets to know your individual needs can guide you through the most pertinent aviation solutions available on the market. You’re looking for someone who can provide personalized advice and anticipate your needs. At Privaira clients are assigned their own Private Aviation Advisor who can tailor solutions specifically for you, without locking you into options you neither want nor need. And takes care of coordinating with operations, scheduling, and maintenance to ensure every flight experience goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Time the best deal

The best deal is often available by booking a trip one to two weeks in advance. But don’t price shop, It’s tough negotiating with the operator of a plane when other companies are calling him to charter the same aircraft for you. And have realistic expectations. Although private travel is highly competitive, flying private is still flying private. A basic light jet typically starts from $2,500 per hour, with your heaviest plane, like a Gulfstream or Global, ranging between $6,000 and $8,000 per hour.

First trip on a private jet? A few tips

When chartering a private jet you can typically drive right up to the aircraft to easily load your luggage and board, with your car being parked or stored until your return. Note that you set your wheels opposite the aircraft, set the car in park and set the parking brake to prevent it from rolling into the airplane.

You may think that when you’re spending more for your flight experience you can bring more, but this isn’t always the case. Many jets have luggage limits due to the size of the luggage compartment door, or weight restrictions based on how many people or how much fuel is required for the flight. If there’s just one person flying there won’t be an issue, but if you have a full group it can become one.

One advantage of flying private is you won’t need to wait in a TSA security line. But you’ll still need your ID to board. A driver’s license works for domestic, and a passport for international.

You can book your private jet the same day; however, this doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the jet you want. Booking in advance will give us more time to work with, meaning more choice in aircraft, an important part of the experience.

Your departure time is flexible so running late? Notify us of your time changes, if more than 15 minutes, instead of showing up early or late without giving any heads up. The pilots and team will appreciate that greatly and you’ll have a better departure experience.


Privaira offers business jets in all categories that fit your desired range, passengers, luggage capacity and required amenities. Together we decide which aircraft is the best one for you, so you can sit back and enjoy the ride.. Request a quote here or contact us directly at 1.844.778.2472