Wheelchair Accessibility when Traveling by Private Jet

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Wheelchair Accessibility when Traveling by Private Jet

Wheelchair Accessibility

Benefits of Renting a Private Jet for Disabled Persons

Flying a commercial flight for individuals with health disorders, disabilities or a wheelchair can be intimidating and exhausting. Aside from long lines and uncomfortable security screening processes, there are added factors like crowded seating and little leg room to complicate things during flights. This makes it a big reason individuals with special needs would rather choose to travel by private jet. Flying in a private jet when you have to travel with a wheelchair has a lot of benefits compared to traveling by commercial airlines.

Easy Boarding

The process of boarding a private jet is relatively straightforward particularly for those with restricted mobility or in a wheelchair. Security staff can come to you for your screening. You do not even need to get out of the chair in order for the screening to take place. You can even be driven straight to the plane steps, where you can go through the security proceedings inside your car. After which, you can board your plane at your pace, and if help is required, the airport crew is always ready to lend aid.

Comfort during the flight

After boarding the airplane, disabled passengers has seating options, which make the experience more comfortable for passengers with disabilities. Increased leg room, seat belts with car seat style for added security and a club seat-style arrangement. All of the mentioned features allow passengers easy access in and out of their seat and help them to be firmly secured for the whole flight. Depending on the size of the aircraft, the wheelchair itself can be stored directly in the cabin storage area for easy access once the flight lands and you are ready to disembark.

How about an electric wheelchair?

Electric wheelchairs require a bit more advanced planning as they are more complicated to carry, but can be taken on larger aircraft. In order to confirm if this can be taken on the flight, your Flight Adviser will need to know the weight; whether it can be folded; and the type of battery it is equipped with as some batteries can be restricted.

Booking and Special Requests

Cal Privaira today and let us show you the difference flying via private jet charter makes whether you are wheelchair bound or have other special needs to consider.

Before the trip, special desires or needs can be arranged to make sure that all passengers have a smooth trip. For passengers with extra or severe physical needs, may it be temporary or permanent, it can be arranged to have on board such as oxygen tanks, medical assistance and more for usage during the trip. Moreover, our team can also prepare medical evacuation flights when needed.

Before booking please contact us directly to discuss your requirements. We can then recommend the best aircraft and airports, according to your needs and your budget.