Why More Women are Choosing Private Air Travel

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Why More Women are Choosing Private Air Travel

Everyone can appreciate the convenience of travel by private aircraft versus any seat class on commercial. Private flyers avoid large crowds, TSA pat-downs, and difficult baggage restrictions, just to name a few. So it’s no wonder that an increasing number of female executives, celebrities, and cautious moms are enjoying what their male counterparts adopted years ago.

Although the percentage of women enjoying private aircraft is still less than 20% of private air travelers, the word has gotten out. There’s a change in the air, here are some of the reasons women are increasingly choosing private.

More Choice

Imagine you’re flying from Boston to South Florida or even Seattle to Houston this Spring. There is a 20-25 degree increase in temperature from your departure to your destination. Once you’ve landed, as is often the case, you’re taking ground-travel straight to your meeting or event. The clothes you departed with will probably not fit the conditions of your arrival. Freshening up, including a wardrobe change, is not a concern for private travelers.

Other liberating advantages include food choice. Private flyers plan ahead to have their preferred meal. Sliced fruit, smoothie, even a Philly sub sandwich can be prearranged. Travelling often means making concessions with your preferred routine, meals, and snacks are unique desires that are arranged pre-travel.

Traveling with children? Imagine how much easier it is when not faced with all the restrictions of a commercial carrier. Food, games, even a family pet, so you enjoy the time in the air just as much as you enjoy the rest of your trip.

More Efficiency

Time is valuable. Being tied to a commercial airline schedule often causes hours of lost time. It’s wasteful to land well before necessary. Waiting for layovers, or departing before you should because a fixed schedule requires it, is costly. Those that fly aboard a Privaira aircraft enjoy not just being able to better set their schedule, but they often land closer to their final destination so they can quickly leave and return to a less congested airport.

If traveling as an executive team, meetings, and discussions held in the air will add hours to the productivity of each person traveling with you. A charter to match your team’s needs may be the most cost-effective method to reach your destination.

More Privacy

Are you in a position where your presence in another city may sound alarm bells? For company CEOs, this can best be understood as,” Is X company merging with Y?” or “Is Z company building a new outlet here?” These kinds of rumors could undermine effective business dealings.

For entertainers, avoiding attention and retaining solitude is often key to a balanced life. Public figures also regularly choose a charter to minimize security concerns.

Benefiting all flyers, there is the ability to be catered to as much or as little as you’d like. “Wake me when we get there,” is a common request.

Welcome Aboard

Privaira welcomes the changes we’re seeing in our customer makeup. Whatever your reason is for travel, we’d enjoy speaking with you to help you best meet your needs in the manner you deserve.