Flying private will give you a lot of freedom. Freedom to choose when and where to go on a moments notice with access to your own travel space in the air. Without the commitment of owning a private jet there are two ways to have access to your own private jet: You can use our on demand individual jet charter service and/or purchase time through our Privaira sky card.

There are two elements that you need to consider when choosing between private jet charter and a sky card program: Availability of private jets and cost of flying.

When you fly private you do not want any surprises, and your travel plan should be executed without any hitches. This is where a sky card program provides great benefits.

Guaranteed availability

with a Skycard

When you want to fly, there will always be a private jet available to you. That is the guarantee you have from your team here at Privaira. We will make sure that your travels plan do not get interrupted by unforeseen circumstances such as maintenance issues or crew availability. There will always be a private jet waiting for you.

Chartering a private jet does not come with guaranteed availability as you are booking and paying for a specific jet. In case that jet encounters a mechanical or crew issue prior to your scheduled departure, you could be confronted with an interruption or even cancellation of your travel plans.

Guaranteed cost

of Flying

Everyone is cost conscious, especially when evaluating options to fly private. The benefit of the Privaira sky card program is that your pricing is guaranteed. You know ahead what you are paying for your travel, which provides comfort and consistency.

If you are chartering a private jet, you will be quoted on a trip-by trip basis depending on availability and market circumstances. Oftentimes, you will be confronted with additional charges and fees that you did not expect. You might even pay for a return flight, although you only booked a oneway flight.


Guaranteed highest

Safety Standards

Your safety, and the safety of our crew and aircraft is our top priority. Safety is embedded in our culture and is part of every aspect of our operation. At Privaira we meet and exceed some of the most demanding external audit requirements, including all Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) guidelines and regulations.

  • ARG/US Platinum certified
  • IS-BAO Stage 2 certified
  • Wyvern registered
  • Comprehensive Safety Management System (SMS)
  • Pilot training at state-of-the-art training facility (CAE)

Pricing and Advantages

of our skycard program

skycard comparison

Our sky card program


Round-trip rates
You will be charged a round trip rate based on occupied flight time only. There are no additional charges for deadheads or repositioning flights, pilot wait time, pilot expenses and overnight fees.

Round trip rates apply to fl ights that return to your point of departure with an average of at least 2 hours of fl ight time for each calendar day of the total round trip domestically and 2.5 hours for international flying.

One-way rates
You will only be charged for occupied flight time of one-way flights. There are no additional charges for empty legs before or after we have picked you up or dropped you off. One way rates apply to fl ights that do not return to your point of departure, and are at least 2 hours of flight time for each calendar day of the trip domestically and 2.5 hours internationally.

We invite you to call us for a free consultation before becoming a member and seeing all the benefits we have to offer. Please call 1.844.778.2472 or email us.