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Corporate private jets: the benefits

Cost savings, client retention, improved productivity, and valuable time saved are among the biggest benefits of corporate private jets. For businesses of all sizes, private jet travel can provide unique advantages that help further your business goals.

When business executives and their teams fly private, the biggest benefit is the time they save – for both their employees and any third-parties involved.

What brings businesses to private flying?

Fly On-Demand
High-performing companies hate delays due to factors beyond anybody’s control. That includes flight delays. Commercial aviation has a set schedule. Your best bet is to find the closest match to your needs. Private jetting happens on your schedule. Once you hit an executive level of efficiency, you need more control over your comings and goings.

For high-level executives, reducing downtime is invaluable. Traveling becomes a quick, seamless process with the introduction of private aviation. Instead of arriving to the airport hours early to deal with checking in and long security lines, executives and their team can arrive immediately before takeoff. Allowing them a greater window of productivity before and after travel.

Everything comes down to flexibility, reliability, and control. When you fly private, the plane waits for you instead of vice versa.

Multi-legs on the same day
In a scenario where your executive team needs to visit multiple cities in different areas of the country for meetings, private travel can provide incredible cost-saving advantages. Rather than flying commercial and taking multiple days to travel back and forth, private travel can reduce this trip to a single day. Instead of paying for multiple nights at hotels and multiple meals for the entire team, all meetings can happen in one day.

Privacy, Security and Peace of Mind
Being productive on a commercial flight is next to impossible. Without the distractions around you and absolutely no privacy, working or discussing sensitive information just isn’t part of flying commercial. With quiet and privacy, your team has the ability to go over important details for an upcoming meeting, discuss company strategy, and do meaningful work while in the air.

With secure WiFi networks, private jets often deliver faster, safer browsing experiences. You get a safe, insular, focused space in which your team may communicate when you fly private.

Fly To Places Without Commercial Connections
Companies that fly private meet with shareholders and important associates all over the world. The people in their orbit have access to private aviation as well, and they have residences all over the world, even in places without commercial airport access. Private jetting lets you fly to places without commercial airports, letting you arrive to summits, meetings, retreats and other special events anywhere, anytime.

Facts and figures

The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) conducted research to find how companies use their private planes. Some facts and figures:

Smaller companies are more likely to be using business aircraft; 70% of flights were linked to companies with 500 or fewer employees. Those with more than 5,000 employees accounted for just 17% of flights. Companies that own or operate an aircraft are likely to have just one. Sixty-two percent of businesses owned one, compared with 38% owning more than one. Of these aircraft, 45% are heavy or medium jets. The majority are smaller – light jets (19%), turboprops (17%), or other small aircraft (20%).

Flexibility is cited as the primary reason to use private business aircraft as opposed to commercial flights. Fifty-two percent noted that regular commercial airlines could not accommodate their scheduling needs.

An additional feature that makes private aircraft more attractive to the business user is their flexibility with multi-leg trips. On average, forty two percent of flights involved multiple stops. For a small number (13%) of users, over 75% of their flights involved multiple legs.

Company employees find that using a private aircraft allows for more productive business time in-flight. Of those surveyed, only 42% said they were able to get work done during a commercial flight. However, 63% said they felt effective and productive on private flights.

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