How clean is the cabin air on a private jet

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How clean is the cabin air on a private jet

How clean is the cabin air on a private jet

How clean is the air we breathe when we sit on a plane? This question has become vital for carriers nowadays. Following the coronavirus pandemic and it’s new variant omicron, passengers are starting to ask themselves whether it is still safe to board a plane and what is the contagion’s level while traveling. Especially for clients who fly private and expect a higher standard of safety and customization.

First of all the air systems on our private jets ensure excellent levels of air quality. Compared to commercial airliners our jets offer better air quality due to their smaller dimensions and technology and less passengers.

Depending on the model, our private jets use two methods for cabin air circulation. The most well known is the recirculation system. The cabin air is recirculated through the (HEPA) filters, where a quantity of fresh outside air is mixed in, and then re-distributed throughout the cabin. The advantage of this system is it can provide better temperature and humidity control.

Other jets pull outside air into the purification system. The air is treated with high temperatures and high pressure to remove impurities, before being cooled and circulated through the cabin. At the same moment the old air is drawn from the cabin. which means the air is completely refreshed every two minutes or less.

As a Privaira customer you can rest assured that when you set foot on our aircraft you can not only have the peace of mind knowing that you have the most well trained flight crew in the business, but that the aircraft you are on has been disinfected and cleaned following guidelines set forth by the CDC.

One step further with Privaira

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic we have expanded or preflight and postflight cleanings with ionization technology. The Ion Distribution Unit pushes air and bipolar ions throughout the cabin and uses hydrogen and oxygen molecules already present to create positive and negative ions. These kill everything from COVID-19 and influenza viruses, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, to mold and other pathogens and purifies the air, in a sped-up replication of nature’s cleaning process.

Extra advantages

Flying private offers more advantages during your trip like a significant reduction of Covid-19 touch points along the journey. Just pull up close to your jet for direct access and fly directly to your destination. Rarely do you need to switch airports or aircraft, thereby reducing contact risk.

The only people you will encounter are your aircrew, ground personnel, and your own charter group. It keeps the bubble small and safe. At Privaira we pride ourselves on the highest level of standards, personal service, flexibility, safety rating and competitive pricing.

Please contact sales@privaira.com and our team will be happy to assists you with any questions or your booking request.