How Safe is Your Private Jet Operator?

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How Safe is Your Private Jet Operator?

Safety Questions To Ask Private Jet Operators

While many online searches for private air charter start with ‘how much does a jet cost?’ Or something similar about pricing and hourly rate, safety – and not price – should be your primary concern. The key to find a great private aviation provider is to know their number-one priority is the same as yours: for every flight to be as safe and secure as scientifically possible.

First check is if the the aircraft is operated by a legitimate business entity? The Operator should have a current FAA 135 Operating Certificate. This means they are licensed by the FAA to carry passengers for commercial private charter and are governed by stricter safety standards than a Part 91 operator certificate – which applies to other types of non-commercial private flight.

And you can always double-check (by tail number) the name of the registered owner, aircraft type and date of manufacture at: https://www.faa.gov. All our managed aircraft operate under Sky One Holdings LLC, FAA part 135 Air Carrier Certificate (Air Carrier Certificate: 1KSA590N).

Every company you work with should have their own internal standards for sourcing aircraft to fulfill your flights. What are the safety standards for the operator? Have there been accidents, incidents or FAA violations in the past years? How long has the operator been in business? What ratings agencies do they use as standards? Besides ARGUS Platinum and Wyvern is the operator IS-BAO? IS-BAO is considered much more comprehensive and harder to obtain.

Find out whether the company has a safety management system (SMS). If the company doesn’t have a safety management system, it doesn’t mean it’s not a good operator, as it is not required by the FAA. But it indicates how seriously it takes safety. At Privaira our robust SMS is an important tool for our team to monitor, report and systematically improve our operations to provide the safest flight experience. This system provides risk management data that is compiled and analyzed for trends to mitigate future risk.

Safety Culture

Is safety part of the company culture? Privaira’s dedicated full-time Safety Director provides an in-depth understanding of the rapidly changing technical, administrative and regulatory standards to our organization. We even raised the bar by incorporating airline-style safety into our safety systems with the ASAP program. Developed by the Air Charter Safety Foundation, this program provides employees a non-disciplinary approach to identifying and reporting safety issues to management and to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Privaira is among the top of charter operators who has earned all of the highest safety accreditations, which include ARG/US Platinum rating, Wyvern Registered, IS-BAO stage II and Air Charter Safety Foundation membership. With a flawless safety and compliance track record for more than 20 years, feel confident in selecting Privaira. Our passengers deserve to know that they are safe and secure at all times.