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Reasons to fly private

Reasons to fly private

We all love arriving to new and thrilling destinations, but sometimes the journey can be a real struggle. But there may be a way to avoid all of this: flying private with Privaira.


The biggest advantage of flying a Privaira private jet is the end of unnecessary waiting while you are still on the ground. The average wait time at an FBO is around five or six minutes. There is no waiting or rushing from one gate to the next. When you land, a car will be waiting to take you to your final destination with minimum fuss. For Privaira business travelers, time is money. Flying private allows you to fly direct and avoid connecting flights, thereby saving you time to make more money.

In the US, private jets can land at around 10 times as many airports as commercial airliners (over 5,000 compared to around 550). The added accessibility afforded to private jets is even more of an advantage if you are looking to reach parts of the world, which are not particularly well served by airlines; a business jet flight can literally save you several days of traveling.


Privaira private jets offer passengers the ability to successfully complete business and recreational trips that would be otherwise difficult when flying on commercial airlines. For example, meeting your yacht after it has been transported to remote areas or going wheels up at the exact time you want to depart. Flying private allows you the freedom to choose direct routes and improved time management. When flying Privaira private aviation you are in complete control of your own schedule and destinations. You can arrange your selected aircraft type on short notice and even submit a last minute flight change. If you wish to change your plans and land at a different airport half way through your flight, it is usually no problem. And of course, if you are running late, the aircraft waits for you.


Privaira has impeccable safety records. We select only the best pilots following a rigorous recruitment process and enforce safety management systems that rival any commercial airline. At Privaira we meet and exceed some of the most demanding external audit requirements, including all Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) guidelines and regulations. We have implemented and passed the following standards:

  • Aviation Research Group (ARG/US) Platinum rated
  • International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) Stage II certification
  • Wyvern Registered Operator


On a Privaira private jet the crew are truly there to serve you. We know you by name not number and treat you as the guest you are. Our aviation advisors can accommodate any onboard request. Privaira jets provide enough space to sleep, entertain and use our wifi to handle your business needs. We also provide a fine selection of snacks and spirits for your air travel.

Your luggage also travels in the jet with you and can be loaded straight into your car, which is important if you are carrying valuable items.


Privaira jets are described as “private” for a reason. When you arrive at the FBO, you are seconds away from stepping onto your aircraft without attracting any unwanted attention. We take the confidentiality of our clients with the utmost care. Privaira air travel also allows privacy for workstations and secure data usage on our wifi.