The Benefits of Private Jet Travel for Business

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The Benefits of Private Jet Travel for Business

The Benefits of Private Jet Travel for Business

The Benefits of Private Jet Travel for Business

The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) did a search on the analytics of what kinds of companies utilized private jets for their travel schedules. The report actually revealed that smaller companies, defined by less than 500 employees, accounted for 70 percent of private charters in the United States.

Cost savings, privacy, improved productivity, and valuable time saved are among the biggest benefits of private jet travel. For businesses of all sizes, private jet travel can provide unique advantages that help grow your business objectives.

The most obvious time-sparing benefit of private jet charter is the ability to arrive at the airport just minutes before take-off and and get on the road immediately when you arrive. No elaboration needed, private aviation is one of the best time-managing tools that exists, adding hours of productivity to your day.

Business aviation is a productivity tool

A less obvious benefit is the stress reduction, traveling becomes a quick, seamless process when using private aviation. No rushing to the airport, no arriving to the airport hours early to deal with checking in and long security lines. With private aviation, you will be able to avoid the long lines and the crowded commercial terminals. With private jets in general, you are able to show up when you would like to on the schedule that works for you. You can even enjoy the luxury of a cup of coffee at the FBO before boarding your jet.

That is why successful businesses charter a private jet for their travels. Business aviation is a productivity tool and private aviation is a key factor in the success of many companies thanks to its privacy, efficiency, security, convenience and more.

Operational efficiency

Many reasons can be given as to why companies take advantage of private aviation, but operational efficiency is key. You can fly at your own schedule and land closer to your destination at airports that are inaccessible by commercial airlines.

When your (executive) team needs to visit multiple cities in different areas of the country for meetings, private air charter can provide incredible cost-saving advantages. Rather than flying commercial and taking multiple days to travel back and forth, you are able to reach multiple destinations in a single day. Instead of paying for multiple nights at hotels and multiple meals for the entire team, all meetings can happen in one day and be back in time for dinner within the comforts of your own home.

Chartering a private jet also allows to safely transport tools and materials that cannot be carried aboard airlines, enabling your company to solve urgent problems efficiently and quickly.

Security and privacy

One of the most important reasons why so many companies prefer a private jet are security and privacy. When using a business airplane, employees can meet, plan and work en route. Employees can discuss proprietary information in a secure environment and without fear of eavesdropping, industrial espionage or physical threat.

The privacy that private jet charters provide overtakes all other methods of travel (including, in some cases, taking the company jet). A well-known story is that due to the tracking of a tail number, it was leaked where Amazon headquarters would be next due to the frequency of landings in one particular city? When you charter an aircraft through Privaira the tail is still trackable but the passenger manifest on any given aircraft is not trackable.

The privacy associated with private jet charters is imperative for key business deals, mergers and acquisitions, recruitment of top talent, and other highly sensitive business ventures.

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